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At Artek 4, we endeavour to create timeless solutions for an everchanging environment, cleverly ensuring that every stitch created contributes positively to the urban fabric. It is the aim of the practice to build relationships with other practices that share the same philosophies as ours, in order to create synergies toward a common goal of design delivery.

Built Environment Consultants

Well-planned built environments can positively impact physical activity levels for all citizens, promote adequate access to local nutrition, improve air and water quality, protect green spaces and parks, provide accessible housing, promote arts and culture, encourage safety and contribute to lower injury rates.

Our founding principles:

Excellence, Integrity, Innovation

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Specialised Sectors


The sector is one of South Africa’s most important, contributing at least 6% to the country’s GDP and accounting for almost 12% of South Africa's manufacturing exports, making it a crucial cog in the economy.


South Africa has the most advanced economy on the African continent. Since 1994, particularly, the country's economy has grown rapidly. Its geographical position provides an ideal gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa. The most important contributors to the economy include the mining sector, manufacturing and agriculture.


There are 4 200 public health facilities in South Africa. People per clinic is 13 718, exceeding WHO guidelines of 10 000 per clinic. However, figures from March 2009 show that people averaged 2.5 visits a year to public health facilities and the usable bed occupancy rates were between 65% and 77% at hospitals.


South Africa already has world-scale primary processing facilities, producing carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, gold and platinum. The country's strengths include advanced technical and production skills, and comprehensive research and development.


Having come through an era of mass production consumers now want more personalised goods and personalised, ‘intimate’ service.


Tourism is regarded as a modern-day engine of growth and is one of the largest industries globally. In 2012, G20 heads of state recognised tourism as a driver of growth and development, as well as a sector that has the potential to spur global economic recovery.


Among the sectors showing particular signs of growth is the market for new developments, which is on the rise after more than five years of extremely sluggish activity.


African retailing is really South African retailing, where almost all of the continent’s bustling commerce activity takes place. Cities like Johannesburg and Durban have mega malls that are over 37 acres large, roughly half the size of the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN in the U.S.


In recent years there has been a noticeable trend towards an increase in demand from distribution and logistics-type operations seeking to relocate to where large warehousing space and large yards are available.

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